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Details Author-Author

Achtung! Keine deutsche Version! Polnische Ausgabe.

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Details Lancashire-Authors-and-Orators-A-Series-of-Literary-Sketches-of-Some-of-the-Principal-Authors-Divines-Members-of-Parliament-C-Connected-With-the-County-of-Lancaster-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Lancashire Authors and Orators: A Series of Literary Sketches of Some of the Principal Authors, Divines, Members of Parliament, &C., Connected With the County of LancasterEducational Monitor, in which he has introduced a very ingenious ...

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Details Author-Name-Disambiguation-in-Digital-Libraries-via-the-enrichment-of-hidden-topics-extracted-from-Wikipedia

Author Name Disambiguation in Digital Libraries In digital libraries, ambiguous author names may occur due to the existence of identical names, name misspellings, pseudonyms. Disambiguating these author names is a major problem during data integration ...

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Details Creepy-Crawlies-Trinity-Repertoire-Library

Milne, Elissa, co-author|Rae, James, co-author|Wedgwood, Pamela, co-author|York, John, co-author|Trinity Repertoire Library|13 buzzing Pieces

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Details Angry-Management

[{ Angry Management [ ANGRY MANAGEMENT BY Crutcher, Chris ( Author ) Feb-22-2011[ ANGRY MANAGEMENT [ ANGRY MANAGEMENT BY CRUTCHER, CHRIS ( AUTHOR ) FEB-22-2011 ] By Crutcher, Chris ( Author )Feb-22-2011 Paperback By Crutcher, Chris ( Author ) Feb - 22 ...

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Details Common-Nonsense

[{ Common Nonsense [ COMMON NONSENSE BY Rooney, Andy ( Author ) Oct-16-2003[ COMMON NONSENSE [ COMMON NONSENSE BY ROONEY, ANDY ( AUTHOR ) OCT-16-2003 ] By Rooney, Andy ( Author )Oct-16-2003 Paperback By Rooney, Andy ( Author ) Oct - 16- 2003 ( ...

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Details Engineering-Culture-On-the-Author-as-Digital-Producer-On-the-Author-as-the-Cultural-Producer-Data-Browser

Engineering Culture Social change does not result from simple resistance to the existing set of conditions, but from adapting and transforming the technical apparatus itself. This collection contains essays and examples of contemporary cultural ...

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Details Shark-Fishing

[{ Shark Fishing [ SHARK FISHING BY Schmidt, Mike ( Author ) Mar-01-2006[ SHARK FISHING [ SHARK FISHING BY SCHMIDT, MIKE ( AUTHOR ) MAR-01-2006 ] By Schmidt, Mike ( Author )Mar-01-2006 Paperback By Schmidt, Mike ( Author ) Mar - 01- 2006 ( Paperback ) } ]